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Custom-designed wedding invitations, seating scrolls, envelope lettering, formal citations, awards, baby announcements and award-winning fine art pieces.

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Welcome to the web portfolio of Scribe Calligraphy Studio & Gallery!

From custom-designed wedding invitations, seating scrolls and envelope lettering to formal citations, awards, baby announcements and award-winning fine art pieces, Jane Parillo Rollins is a lettering artist through and through. Her studio is open to the public, welcoming walk-in requests, art viewing and gift shopping. Upon entering, you’ll find her at her slant board surrounded by inks, handmade papers and beautiful art pieces, but she will happily put down her pen to give you a warm welcome. Come on by to browse, learn a little about the age-old art of calligraphy and see what beauty Jane can help you create for your upcoming event or that special person in your life!


We’re all familiar with the many stationery pieces of formal weddings and the etiquette that accompanies them. Well, somewhat anyways. We know of them, but the details are fuzzy and overwhelming. Part of my job as your wedding artist, and as your wedding etiquette guide, is to ease you through the formalities and the many decisions to be made. The other part is obvious. To create lovely, original wedding stationery that expresses the essence of who you are as a couple. Warm and wanted. That is how your guests will feel!


For over 20 years, I've been teaching students the art of calligraphy. I offer beginner and intermediate classes in historic hands (that’s what we calligraphers call particular calligraphy styles) such as Italic, Foundational, Gothic and Uncial. Beginner classes start with an overview of materials, proper pen grips and writing angles and progress to hands-on lettering of a particular calligraphy style. My more advanced classes include projects such as poems, invitations and decorative envelopes.